The story of Split is already 17 centuries old. Its location at the Adriatic Sea makes the region perfect for a dose of history and beautiful nature.

We actually went on a private walking tour through the old part of Split. Our guide told us so much about the city’s history, it was hard to remember everything. In fact, I was impressed by how rich and turbulent city’s history is.

From Diocletian to UNESCO World Heritage

The area of Split was inhabited by the Greek colonies, however, Emperor Diocletian should be considered its first citizen and founder. He was the one who decided to build his Palace right on the peninsula. Ever since, many authorities changed hands in the city. All these historical layers from the old Rome to the middle ages and up until today are still very much visible and alive as you walk through the ancient city.

For more history I’m just gonna link the Wikipedia article.

Diocletian Palace – the must

The Palace is built in a rectangular shape, approximately 215 x 180 meters. It has four large towers at the corners and doors on each of the four sides. Due to its troubled history, parts of the palace were adapted depending on the requirements of the different Palace inhabitants. While the inside of the building as well as the exterior walls changed significantly over time, the outlines of the Imperial Palace are still very visible. This makes it one of the world’s best preserved monuments of Roman architecture.

You get the best view of the city from Marjan – the hill overlooking the city. The trail going up starts directly at Split’s beautiful waterfront of Split („Riva“). Make sure to enjoy the freshness of air and the stunning view. There is also a cafe/bar which allows you to enjoy Split in all its glory, with a drink!

Krka National Park – the day trip

Krka National Park was founded in 1955 and has a many as 109 km². Its attraction are the seven waterfalls. The largest and most beautiful waterfalls are Skradinski buk and Roški slap. I booked a day trip to see those waterfalls and it was everything I’d hoped for. There is a nice walking path and you can even swim in the water. As I went off season the water was still freezing but it was also less touristic. I imagine it gets very crowed during the hot summer days. Nonetheless it’s definitely worth the trip!

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