I didn’t know what to expect of Mallorca. So when I went, I discovered that the island offers so much more than just beach and Ballermann. It completely amazed me. 

Hiking Paradise

Especially in the western / northwestern part of the island you find the most amzing hiking trails and real mountains! Who knew that Mallorca was such a hiking and biking paradise? The first area I suggest to research is Cap Formentor. The second area which I loved was around Lake Cúber. You can either walk around the lake or really hike up the mountains. Just make sure you have a detailed map or hiking guide with you. I found that the marked trails were not always easy to find.

Charming little Villages

Personally, I don’t usually like big cities and decided to skip the capital, Palma de Mallorca. I wanted to visit many of the smaller but very charming villages. Therefore, renting a car at the airport came in very handy.  My favorites villages were Fornalux and Alcudia.

I read that Fornalux has won the competition for the most beautiful village in Spain several times. Having been there, I have to agree with this ranking. The cute yellow quarry stone houses and narrow alleys with a thousends of stairs just make it irresistable. If you are going to Mallorca, this is definitely a must.

Where to stay

Since we had a car and wanted to explore all parts of the island, we decided to stay more or less in the center of Mallorca. This is something I would not do again. Why? Because you are always driving long distances everywhere. In retrospective, I’d rather stay at two different locations – one east, one west. This way you are able to minimize the travel distances.

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