Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the tenth-largest city in the European Union by population.

The river Donau divides its centre into Buda and Pest. The Buda side is hilly and best know for Buda Castle. The Pest side is flat and home to the Hungarian Parliament.

The Fisherman’s Bastion

Without a doubt the Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the top tourist attractions in Budapest. The Bastion itself is not only incredibly beautiful but it also offers one of the best views over the city. Built from 1895 to 1902, its seven turrets represent the 7 founding tribes of Hungary.

The Labirintus

We actually came across this labyrinth by coincidence and decided to take a chance. It is located in the depths of the Castle Hill. We learned that it has been used as a prison. When you go down there be prepared for darkness (God bless flashlights on mobile phones). You get a chance to walk through winding corridors, visiting vaulted rooms and tombstones. At some point we did feel like we got lost down there…

The Drinks

Ok, I’m really into beautiful sunset skies and night photography. So for me walking along the Donau at night is not only super romantic and beautiful but also a perfect photo stop. Walking along the promenade, we randomly found some of these boats that are turned into a restaurant / bar. At first we thought that’s something way too touristic to try. But how can you say no to a cocktail with a nice view? So were entered Spoon and were not disappointed! Both the drinks and the ambiance were great.

The food

I have to admit, we did not try local specialities much. But… that was because Budapest has so many restaurants from all different countries, it was super hard to decide on where to eat. So one night, after a big and late lunch, we were just looking for some tapas and found this street full of restaurants and bars. That was it, I fell in love. I could not find a street name but just look for Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria. It’s in the middle of said street.

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