One of those hikes you will always remember because it has it all: Swiss mountains, lakes at the best views.

The Jöriseen hike is located in the Davos / Flüelapass area in the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland. The hike is fairly long and has some difficult parts in it. I would only recommend it to more experiences hikers. What I love about it, apart from the amazing views, is that there is no restaurant, no cable car going up the mountain. You are mostly alone in the nature and occasionally meet other hikers.

The hike itself is a roundtrip, going up 950m and coming down 950m. It’s about 11km and the estimated hiking time is 4h and 30 minutes. We took a longer lunch break and needed smaller breaks in between. So our total hiking time was about 6 hours.

The hike starts at a bus stop called «Wägerhus. If you go by car, drive towards Davos and then turn left direction Flüelapass. It’s a curvy mountain pass road. The bus stop is located in one of the curves. Shortly after, there is a small parking.

You will see a tiny path going uphill. Follow that path until the first crossroad. There you will have to decide in which direction you want to do the hike. («Jöriflüelafurgga» or «Winterlücke»). I preferred «Jöriflüelafurgga», so I turned left and continued that path uphill. Once you have reached the top (2722 meters above sea level), the path follows the ridge for a little while and you have an amazing view over the Jöriseen.

So what now? Yes, you will hike all the way down the other side to the lakes (2490 masl). In my opinion this was the most difficult part. The path down can be very steep. One you’ve managed that, enjoy a nicer walk along the lakes. And brace yourself for another climb up.

The last part brings you up to the «Winterlücke» (2785 masl). Just focus on hill after hill until you’ve reached the top and can follow the path down the other side.

Schweiz mobil provides a nice map of the tour.

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