Favorite waterfalls around Triglav National Park

Slovenia, especially the Triglav National Park, is incredibly beautiful and I feel like the country has millions of waterfalls. Some have become quite famous, others are still very hidden.

Our goal was to photograph waterfalls with long-exposure and filters. So we were looking for less known waterfalls, hoping for less people and more space to set up a tripod. Our first stop, however, was a mere coincidence.

Boka Fall – The Highest Waterfall

Driving towards Bovec we suddenly saw a sign „Slap Boka“ and soon after the waterfall (Yes, you actually see it from the road.) So we decided to check it out. Only later I found out that Slap Boka is the highest waterfall in Slovenia. The water falls down in two stages (which is almost not recognizable). The upper Boka Fall has a height of 106 meters, and the lower one 33 meters. The actual viewpoin doesn’t take you super close to the Boka Fall, because of the waterfall’s size it’s still very impressive.

How to get there
Boka Fall is located between Žaga and Bovec. The waterfall is hard to miss and there’s even a Boka Waterfall Viewpoint parking. From there it’s a 15-20 minutes walk to the viewpoint. The walk up is not very difficult but I do recomment solid shoes as the stones get slippery easily.

Virje Fall – The Majestic Waterfall

Slap Virje is also located in the Bovec area and by far my favorite waterfall. It is a wide, multi-stranded waterfall and roughly 12 meters high. The cristal clear water falls right into a turqoise baisin. Because it is such a wide and open area, there is enough space to escape others and set up a tripod.

How to get there
If you travel by car, you’ll have to find the right road in Bovec. We didn’t find any signs pointing us in the right direction and had to use a map to find it. To our surprise, there was actually a parking lot closeby. The walk from the parking down to the fall is very short (5-10 minutes) and not steep.

Kozjak Fall – The Famous Waterfall

Slap Kozjak is a well visited waterfall and you even have to pay an entrance fee. However, we liked how hidden and mysterious the fall is – in a stony chamber that you only see it at the last moment. In the end we did manage to get a decent picture with the tripod. However, the platform / viewpoint is small and crowded and setting up your equipment is not always possible.

How to get there
If you travel from Bovec to Kobarid, the sign is easy to miss (it’s a hard left turn). Coming from the other side, the sign is clearly visible. Just after you pass Napoleon’s Bridge, there is a parking lot (that fills up fast). From there it’s a 30-40 minutes walk to the waterfall. On the way, there is a suspension bridge across the Soca River, with is also every nice to see. Shortly before reaching the waterfall is where you have to pay your entrance fee (4 Euros).

Ribnica Falls – The Hidden Waterfall

The Ribnica Waterfalls are two waterfalls, 10 minutes apart and roughly 10-15 meters high. They are not very known and perfect for photographers. I think we spent half a day there and never met anyone else.

How to get there
The hike to the falls starts just off Lake Bohinj, in an area called Srednja Vas v Bohinju. From there it’s a 30-40 minutes hike in the forest along the Ribnica stream. Compared to the other falls, this hike is definitely more difficult and I do not recommend it after a rainy day. We also had to fight our way through the water sometimes.

Tips for Photographers

  • Cloudy or even rainy days are perfect to shoot waterfalls
  • Go early in the morning to avoid crowds
  • Calculate around half a day per waterfall

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