Favorite Medieval Towns in Germany

Medieval towns are my favorites! Little did I know that Germany had so many of them! So I’ve made a list of German towns that I thought were super charming.


Dinkelsbühl adds both character and color to the German landscape. Walking through the old town it feels like time has paused: signs and business names are written in old German letters and you don’t find any advertising space. No wonder Instagrammers have long discovered this charming town. While I loved wandering around Dinkelsbühl, I felt it was way too crowded. Yup, not a big fan of huge crowds, if you haven’t noticed yet.


Ah Lüneburg, another beautiful coincidence. We wanted to visit the Lüneburger Heide and booked our accomodation in Lüneburg (must be close to the Heide, right?). We ended up not going to the Heide and just enjoyed Lüneburg instead. What a charming little piece of heaven! We even came across a film crew shooting for „Red Roses“, a popular soap opera. What surprised me the most was the weather. It changed from sunshine to rain, so we went for coffee. When we left the café, it was sunny again.


I’ve been wanting to go the Nürnberg ever since I saw pictures of its Christmas market. Things don’t always go as planned and we ended up visiting Nürnberg on a random day. I have to tell you, it doesn’t disappoint nor does it need Christmas lights and decorations to look charming. I especially loved the main square with the market, the castle and the bridges. It reminded me so much of Strassbourg.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany. Its unique appearance has made it particularly attractive for movie makers; you may recognize some of the town from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When you visit you’ll have to expect quite some tourists, however, most of them leave around dusk. So if you like it less crowded you might want to consider staying for the night.

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